An African Odyssey

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In 2019 I went on an expedition to help others in Africa. I studied the landscape in Africa for about 6 months prior to leaving on my odyssey through uncharted territories. I had never been to Africa least the Congo or villages that were so stricken with poverty that I barely could film at times. My emotions simply took over, but I still managed to shoot almost a documentary.

My entire life was put in the hands of Kenneth Rwego when I arrived from Eden Mission. I honestly wouldn’t have been more safer being escorted by Police from the local authorities than by Kenneth. He had an amazing effect on people and is a true leader of Africa. Kenneth Rwego is the son of a Chief from the small town of Kisoro, Uganda. His influence and ownership by helping others can only be looked on as a modern day hero. He has a great appreciation for the people of Africa and has a calling to rebuild the nation of the Congo and surrounding territories.

Edenmisson can be found at

The following film trailer is a brief overview of the current documentary that is currently being put together by myself. The journey was shot with a Canon6D and a Manfrotto single nano stick tripod stabilizer, Go Pro 4K Sessions 6 with stabilizer, Mavic Pro drone 4K, ctPro cinematic lenses, Rokinon lenses and a plethora of filters, CF cards and batteries. I could not have planed my gear better for the rough terrain and adventure I went on. Stay tuned as my doc is coming soon to help others survive!

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