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The Media Design Master of Fine Arts Degree program provides an in-depth look at design and the role it plays in bridging the gap between the creative studio and the boardroom. You’ll study the concepts that drive successful design campaigns – including research, client communications, and team dynamics. The Coursework is focused on psychological and motivational theories will also deepen your understanding of consumers and trends.

Full Sail University Media Design Master’s Degree

Media Design Master of Fine Arts

An African Odyssey

In 2019 I went on an expedition to help others in Africa. I studied the landscape in Africa for about 6 months prior to leaving on my odyssey through uncharted territories. I had never been to Africa least the Congo or villages that were so stricken with poverty that I barely could film at times. My emotions simply took over, but I still managed to shoot almost a documentary.

My entire life was put in the hands of Kenneth Rwego when I arrived from Eden Mission. I honestly wouldn’t have been more safer being escorted by Police from the local authorities than by Kenneth. He had an amazing effect on people and is a true leader of Africa. Kenneth Rwego is the son of a Chief from the small town of Kisoro, Uganda. His influence and ownership by helping others can only be looked on as a modern day hero. He has a great appreciation for the people of Africa and has a calling to rebuild the nation of the Congo and surrounding territories.

Edenmisson can be found at

The following film trailer is a brief overview of the current documentary that is currently being put together by myself. The journey was shot with a Canon6D and a Manfrotto single nano stick tripod stabilizer, Go Pro 4K Sessions 6 with stabilizer, Mavic Pro drone 4K, ctPro cinematic lenses, Rokinon lenses and a plethora of filters, CF cards and batteries. I could not have planed my gear better for the rough terrain and adventure I went on. Stay tuned as my doc is coming soon to help others survive!


Okay, not sure how I ended up at Pauly Shores house filming a spot for a new remodel he is doing, but I gotta tell you! I am pretty impressed that he now knows what the word Foundation means! Yeah, moving on.

Pauly was like an excited kid explaining to me how he was having Errol Flyn’s old house remodeled and retro fitted with a fresh new facelift! Pauly wasn’t just flipping the house, it’s his for keeps and he only wants to lease it to the highest bidder. I think he mentioned Mark Zuckerberg. Let’s hope Mr. Zuckerberg enjoys Comedy because that’s what you’ll be looking at!

Anyhow, Drones and Canon equipment with a touch of Adobe Premier is right up my alley! Thanks for reading and good luck Pauly on leasing out your crib!

Rowlett Eagles 2019 Varsity Senior Reel

Shot on 4k and 1080P Black Magic Cinema Cameras, Canon Mark V plus my on the go Canon7D stabilized using DJI Ronin MX – Lenses – SIGMA, Rokinon and Cinematics Cine 1.4. I prefer to use very fast lenses as it’s definitely with the extra money. Smooth clean video is awesome when shooting fast sports motion with my aperture set between 90 and 180. This will help to get rid of the motion blur but you will have to compensate by blasting your ISO pretty high on the Black Magic Cinema Cameras. Auto is fine if you are in a well lit stadium. Always shoot film, not video using Pro Res 4:22 Codec, Progressive is smooth and will give you motion picture quality footage.

My Lenses vary from 18 – 35mm all the up to 600mm. I switch out my lenses often to capture extreme closeups using my 70 – 350mm Cinematics Lens. The gears are stripped out as the lens is custom which allows for your fingers to glide and rotate between zoom and focus. So nice! Forget 2 operators on the Lens, I love doing it myself.

The drones shots were shot in 4K using my Yuneec Typhoon H. I ditched my DJI Drones one by one as the landing gear would always get in the way of my shots. Yuneec has a fluid 360 degree gimbal with landing gear that retracts and allows for a smooth 360 degree axis jib shot while you rotate the gimbal and yaw. Priceless!

Yes Yes! I am a cinematic sports geek and I have a blast over coming issues on the field and will light and weather. You never know when your going to get that perfect play and timeless motion!

Elisabeth Weinstock


I took a recent trip back to my native roots, Los Angeles, California. It’s amazing how much I appreciate my old friends and the scenery. Things I would not normally not take notice of growing up in Beverly Hills, became a weekend excursion of filming locations and shooting anything I could muster up. Why sit down for lunch when I had 48 hours to shoot business, homes, a Hollywood sign and the Santa Monica Peer! Oh, almost forgot, I brought my Drone! The Yuneec Typhoon Real Sense H fits right in a back pack and shoots unreal footage! See for yourself


Back to Elisabeth! Liz deals in high end apparel along with really cool sports memorabilia. Right up my alley as I love sports! However, unless you go to her website or you don’t happen to live in LA, there’s really no way you’ll take notice of all the great work she has done to build something pretty hip right on 3rd street! Check out Liz’s store and web site and please be sure to tell her I sent you! It’s totally Punk Rock!