What is SEO and how to RANK higher

Hello everyone, I have not maintained my posts and reels as much as I need to. I am currently building a new website that will be updated weekly with new informational posts and how to videos. Something I have always wanted to do to help others get through design and tech issues. In years past I have always helped clients maintain and create their posts, but have neglected to maintain mine. What some designers do not understand is that our world is based on analytics first. It would be impossible to find and art piece or article on the internet if the items were not tagged and key worded properly.

I have spent years trying to understand google analytics and how their algorithm works. I am starting to realize to gain business and compete with the masses, your back-end code via tags and keywords need to come first.

I use WordPress for most of my developments. I used to be a Adobe Flash developer and meta data less SEO was not my forte! I always told clients, “Let’s just outsource the SEO to people that can get it done!”. Yeah, that philosophy just doesn’t work anymore. What clients want a website that they cannot rank on or at least understand the process of blogging and creating posts that they can maintain with the proper tools to help them. That’s where I come in without spending thousands with another developer that will make it happen.

You see, WordPress is a powerful BLOG search engine tool that can go out and bring home the bacon. In other words, Your website will rank at the bottom of the food chain if you merely setup the basics, however.. Will it bring in followers and retain engagements with people that want to know more about your services and business? Simply put, “Will they trust enough to want to follow and listen to what you have to say? Sam ho from ahrefs

does an amazing job breaking down what SEO actually is and how to qualify as a player on the world wide web of things. I did try google SEO university for a second but got lost in the never ending mundane of clicks only to find another click I did not understand. It’s a lot to take in while your designing for other clients. So I asked myself, what happens when your clients go away? let’s say to a covid epidemic and your online trying to find work, but neglected to share and setup your website correctly to display to the world? Exactly! YOU WON’T BE DISCOVERED OR FOUND. Definitely an eye opening experience after you have spent years designing such pretty images and videos. Oops! Yes, you know you are worthy and better than the competition, unfortunately that competition just walked away with your lunch money your mom stapled to your chest so you wouldn’t lose it at recess.

Thus, the artist Doug White just became the SEO creative in resetting up a new workflow that will engage with followers on the world wide web and enthusiast trying to understand your process and business model.

Thanks for the read and I will see you on the other side with a new web hosting platform, a freshly coded HTML5 and CSS3 website running Lightspeed in a dedicated server environment using the latest PHP and server security.