Store Front Commercial

Elisabeth Weinstock


I took a recent trip back to my native roots, Los Angeles, California. It’s amazing how much I appreciate my old friends and the scenery. Things I would not normally not take notice of growing up in Beverly Hills, became a weekend excursion of filming locations and shooting anything I could muster up. Why sit down for lunch when I had 48 hours to shoot business, homes, a Hollywood sign and the Santa Monica Peer! Oh, almost forgot, I brought my Drone! The Yuneec Typhoon Real Sense H fits right in a back pack and shoots unreal footage! See for yourself


Back to Elisabeth! Liz deals in high end apparel along with really cool sports memorabilia. Right up my alley as I love sports! However, unless you go to her website or you don’t happen to live in LA, there’s really no way you’ll take notice of all the great work she has done to build something pretty hip right on 3rd street! Check out Liz’s store and web site and please be sure to tell her I sent you! It’s totally Punk Rock!