Box Park Sushi

Project Role:  Motion Graphics Designer | Brand Designer

Software: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design & Cinema 4D

The Box Park Sushi Brand initiative was composed of four months of analytical research and data scrubbing prior to designing any brand or concept work. In month eight’s class “Design Strategies & Motivation” The tasks were to connect the brand imagery that would be created in month nine and ten. Research methodologies were also done to find the voice and tone of the project that was vital in understanding who our customer base was.

(Quindlen) The only thing that makes writing good is give- in it our voice, our own personality. Writing is always an act of faith in your own character.

Demographics and psychographics were yet another process in defining who the perfect sushi goer would be. Once the initial qualitative and quantitative research was done on our consumer prototype, we could better understand the buying behavior behind our new clientele. The creative brief was then formulated and designed based off the research that was done.

Design integration in month eight was building the voice and tone of the project. There were many exercises and brainstorming sessions that would eventually narrow down the idea and concepts for the upcoming mood and vision board. The design brief helped to finalize the logo design and new branding attributes that would eventually be used in all our delivery projects.

Multi-Platform Delivery in month ten used a design model that was written to determine design effectiveness. The core lesson was to identify between hard and soft design values. Next, a Q&A survey was constructed and given to ten associates for determining the brand efficacy behind the design thinking. Expert connections were made between the instructional materials and the solution. The project was developed, synthesized, and advanced into entirely new forms, elevating the entire project considerably. The final delivery was beautifully designed imagery, cinema 4d renderings of the Sushi establishment and the new logo brand that are in the final design brief, brand guide and animated info graphic video detailing the design effectiveness of the entire project. Was the project innovative? Ask yourself the question? Have you ever seen a Sushi Bar or Restaurant designed from an elegant shipping container?



Logo Design

Character Art and Geisha Model

Bus Stop Art

Hanging Display Street Banners

Box Park Sushi Concept

Airport Advertising Display Art

Billboard Art

Cinema 4D Integrated Shipping Container Sushi Restaurant Design


How well designed is the logo? Please reference Brand Guide Link
Does the Logo make you want to eat at Box Park Sushi? Please Explain...
After viewing the brand character of the Geisha Lips, do you think the image is a good match to my brand?
Does the outside vertical banners compliment the restaurant, and would you visit after seeing them?
What does the ICON say to you?
Select the following emotions that come to you when viewing my color palette
Overall, do the rest of the advertising banners compliment my restaurant design?
This is a cool modern hip upper end designed establishment on the Upper East Side of Milwaukee. Would you go and will the concept draw in customers?
Explain what resonates with you about the overall restaurant design, brand and concept art?
Do you believe the signage and logo brand compliments the surrounding architecture?


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