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Okay, not sure how I ended up at Pauly Shores house filming a spot for a new remodel he is doing, but I gotta tell you! I am pretty impressed that he now knows what the word Foundation means! Yeah, moving on.

Pauly was like an excited kid explaining to me how he was having Errol Flyn’s old house remodeled and retro fitted with a fresh new facelift! Pauly wasn’t just flipping the house, it’s his for keeps and he only wants to lease it to the highest bidder. I think he mentioned Mark Zuckerberg. Let’s hope Mr. Zuckerberg enjoys Comedy because that’s what you’ll be looking at!

Anyhow, Drones and Canon equipment with a touch of Adobe Premier is right up my alley! Thanks for reading and good luck Pauly on leasing out your crib!

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